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பசித்து உண், நோயின்றி வாழ்

Fathima Sifa Acupuncture in Tambaram is the renowned acupuncture clinics in Tambaram, Chennai. Offering Acupuncture treatments & Training for all kind of diseases. It is recognized by Govt. of India.The institute is inaugurated by Dr.Aswath Nivas, who is one of the leading Acupuncture Doctors in Tambaram. We helps to solve all diseases with help our acupunture and Acupressure treatments. We have a vast experience in the field of natural treatments. Our major aim is to offer "Treatment to the root cause not for symptom".

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Our Courses

    • Master Diploma in Acupuncture (Recognized by BSS)
    • MD Acupuncture Course
    • DR Acupuncture Course
    • Phd AM course (Recognized by columbo international open university)
    • Phd Acupuncture (Recognized by columbo international open university)

Our Treatments

    • Traditional Acupuncture Treatment
    • Traditional Acupressure Treatment
    • Naturopathy Acupunture Treatment
    • Dorn Therapy Acupunture Treatment
    • Sujok Therapy Treatment

Feedback From the Customers

I have been taking acupunture treatment for nerve disorder, sciatica pain, and gastritis problems. I could feel the relief for all these diseases. He is great for his, "care for others" as committed services. I bless him for the successful career. Ranjith